Emerging Skill Acquisition [ESAP]


Emerging Skill Acquistion Program [ESAP]

7 – 9 Years old

The ESAP program focuses on mastering the ball. This is the time players master the art of dribbling, being exciting with the ball and seeking creative solutions. We want our players to be able to deal with the ball in a variety of environments but the message is always clear: love having the ball and be exciting when in possession. 

The rich variety of movements, technical actions and decision-making developed in the ESAP Phase can help develop highly skilled and well-rounded, confident young people.


To provide the necessary technical ‘tools’ to players in order to help them be able to play the game at the highest possible level with a focus on functional game skills.

Fundamental Core Skills

1V1 – Attacking & Defending

First Touch

Striking The Ball

Running With The Ball

Coaches in the ESAP Phase will predominantly use ‘Guided Discovery’ as a means of achieving the pre-determined learning outcomes for each session and game.

North Coast Football – 2021 ESAP Trials

Boys/Girls: U8 – U9 (2013 – 2012)

Trial Venue: C.ex International Stadium, Leisure Park 3 (Fields Closest to Highway) Coffs Harbour 2450

Please register your interest for trials here.



Arrive to Register

Start Time

Finish Time

Trial 1

Wednesday 24th February 2021




Trial 2

Thursday 25th February 2021




Trial 3

Wednesday 3rd March 2021




Trial 4

Thursday 4th March 2021

4:00 pm



Please register your interest for trials here.

FAQ’S – ESAP Information

How do I register for trials?
The 2021 ESAP trials begin in February 2021. Please register your interest for trials here.

When will the program start and finish?
All selected players will start training in March and finish in August. These dates are subject to change, so please monitor the website for updates.
How many trials will there be before squads are finalised?
As many as the SAP licensee requires depending on the size of each zone.
Will unsuccessful trialists be provided feedback?
With over 100 trialists, Coaches are not resourced to provide individual feedback.
How many sessions per week is training?
It is expected that one training session is completed weekly. If there is a clash with your club training, it is hoped that ESAP is prioritised, however, this needs to be agreed and discussed with the clubs affected. Where possible, ESAP squads are encouraged to train on non-traditional club training nights. Players then return to clubs for the weekly match.
How many players per squad?
Each ESAP Program will differ but can have up to 2 squads.
Who will I trial with?
You will trial with players similar in age. Please note we take into account the Relative Age Effect
Is the program open to goalkeepers?
Yes the program does cater for goalkeepers. The modern goalkeeper needs to be competent in each of the four core skills.
Is the program open to females?
Yes the program does cater for girls. ESAP Squads are mixed with boys and girls.
Where is the training venue?
Training sessions are held at the Coffs Coast Sport & Leisure Park, Stadium Drive, C.ex Coffs International Stadium.