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Is your club on track? Take the National Club Development Program test and move up

October 19th, 2020

Nambucca Strikers have gone from the ground floor to knocking on the penthouse door after embracing the National Club Development Program.

And they are not alone as Boambee FC, Coffs Coast Tigers and Coffs City United have also achieved four out of five stars under the program, while Sawtell has achieved five stars.

Nambucca’s story is compelling in that when they first submitted their responses they were awarded a single star.

Northern NSW Football Club Development Officer Phillip Andrews takes up the story.

“Nambucca embraced being awarded one star and I began working with, Nambucca president, Cressida Usher and her team to develop a strategy to improve the club,” Andrews said.

“Nambucca has implemented a suite of changes to their governance and continue to work on actions for improvement including hosting Summer Football in January.”

 The NCDP is a framework to help clubs achieve best practise across a suite of areas from governance to physical amenity and through to member and community engagement.

The program was born out of a SPORTAUS club health check, which was then tweaked and trialled by Football Victoria before eventually being picked up by Football Federation Australia.

“The program itself consists of 100 questions requiring yes or no responses which quickly pinpoint deficiencies that the club can improve on,” Andrews said.

“Some areas can be improved quickly while others are broader tasks that require diligence over a period of time.”

Each question provides a link to resources which can assist a club on how to meet the various benchmarks.

“The toolkit attached to the program provides the resources for clubs to complete actions to change responses from a  no to a yes,” Andrews said.

“There’s room for improvement in every club that we have.

“The NCDP is all about creating an environment which will encourage more people to get involved in the game. The nurturing of healthy, progressive football clubs can support growth in registrations, referee resources and volunteers.”

Working through the 100 questions enables clubs to identify their strengths and shortcomings and how to address them.

“Governance in most clubs can be improved over a short period of time,” Andrews said.

“Bigger picture actions require a plan and motivated people prepared to drive the change but are still achievable in every club.

Andrews is eager to support clubs through the process and can be contacted via email (link).

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Is your club on track? Take the National Club Development Program test and move up
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