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Growing gains at Sawtell

June 2nd, 2021

The biggest club in North Coast Football – Sawtell – are naturally one to embrace Female Football Week. And they’re reflective too on the opportunity for growth and the challenge of player retention.
Club president Simon Portus is stoked to see Sawtell fielding two girls teams this season in the Under 10s, 12s and 14s age groups.
“And there’s 16 players in each of those teams,” Simon said.
“But the reality is we lose numbers as they get older.
“We’re trying to make it more affordable for our seniors – so when they move out of home they can still play.”
With some 530 registered players, Sawtell is the Jupiter in the North Coast Football solar system – and 32 per cent of those signed on are female.
“We are working hard to create an environment where girls feel comfortable and that it’s not just a guys’ club,” Simon said.
“Football is a great sport for girls to play because it has the balance of physicality and skill.”
Sawtell will mark Female Football Week on June 26 with all the gusto it can muster.
The celebrations will kick off from 10am with an action packed day of the club’s girls and women’s teams playing at Toormina Oval.
And they’ll throw in a club barbecue, raffle, plus a ‘come and try’ theme for any junior girls looking to lace-up the boots in 2022.
The day will culminate with the senior women’s game from 1pm.

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Around The Clubs

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