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Clubs vow to play finals if possible

August 31st, 2021

Clubs in the North Coast Football (NCF) Zone have overwhelmingly supported a plan to play finals, should the government lift the lockdown and permits community sport.

NCF Clubs met online Monday night with near-unanimous support to play finals in juniors (12 to 17), seniors and masters.

The clubs vowed to play the final series in September if allowed. Should the lockdown continue, finals would not proceed, and the season would conclude.

The news follows yesterday’s announcement that Coastal Premier League will play finals in September or as late as October if permitted (link)

At present, regional NSW is on lockdown until midnight on Friday, 10 September 2021.

Under the NCF plan, semi-finals in juniors would occur on 11 September, with grand finals on 18 September. Seniors’ semi-finals would occur on 17 and 18 September and grand finals on 24 and 25 September.

Some clubs also expressed an interest in having matches for the MiniRoos (five to 11). Planning is underway to provide opportunities for clubs with players in this age group on 11 September.

Comments by Andrew Woodward, General Manager, North Coast Football

Sport is so important to our community, and it would mean so much to so many people to have one last go on the field.

The sentiment to want to finish the season with actual matches was strong.

Of the 25 clubs in the zone, 23 supported the plan to conclude the season on the pitch instead of on paper.

We’re very encouraged by the passion and commitment of players, parents, committees and volunteers.

This year is the biggest ever for North Coast Football, with more players than ever before.

We’re keen to end on a high.

Public health and safety is paramount and can’t be put at risk.

But if we can get the opportunity to squeeze in a few last weeks of football in a COVID-19 safe environment, we’ll take that opportunity and run with it.


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