Coastal Club Shield – New in 2022



The Coastal Club Shield (CCS) is a tournament allowing teams from different towns and cities to compete against each other in addition to their regular in-season winter competition. It is for clubs and teams that want more football and or higher-level football and to play against clubs they wouldn’t usually encounter.

The CCS integrates with existing winter football schedules and allows teams to compete in a FIFA World Cup style format. Matches would be played in five cities, once a month on a Sunday from March to June, with finals held in Coffs Harbour in the middle weekend of the winter school holidays. The tournament avoids the end of July and August, when some teams may prepare for finals.

The tournament is being staged on a cost-recovery basis by North Coast Football (NCF) and Football Mid-North Coast (FMNC). In 2022, the competition will be open to clubs and teams in NCF and FMNC zones. Clubs and teams from Football Far North Coast and Northern Inland may join the competition in 2023.


Male Females
•       12 Boys

•       13 Boys**

•       14 Boys**

•       15 Boys**

•       Youth (16, 17 and 18)**

•       Senior Men*

•       12 Girls

•       14 Girls

•       16 Girls

•       Senior Women* & **



“*” Coastal Premier League (first and reserve) and the proposed Coastal League One Women’s (inter-zone first division) can’t participate in this competition.
“**” NCF and FMNC NPL teams are excluded from the competition, as are FMNC WNPL teams.


 The format can accommodate eight, 12 or 16 teams in each division. Like the World Cup, teams would be pooled in groups of four teams and then play three matches. If a division has eight teams, there would be two pools of four and the top two from each pool will compete in the semi-finals. If a division has 12 teams, there would be three pools of four and the top two from each pool would compete in semi-finals as well as the highest placed second place getter in any of the three pools. If a division has 16 teams, there would be four pools of four and the top team from each pool would compete in the semi-finals.


Matches are in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Taree, Kempsey and Grafton. A match involving two teams from one city would be scheduled in their home or nearest city, where possible.

Entry fees

The tournament is being staged on a non-profit and cost-recovery basis by NCF and FMNC. The costs to be recovered are ground hire, referees, venue staffing and trophies. The team entry fee is $250 per team for the entire competition, which is less than $16 per player for the competition. Insurance for players is included in their 2022 registration fee for local club football.

Joint governing body

The tournament is jointly governed by NCF and FMNC, covering competition administration, finance, communications, and publicity.

Entry requirements

All players must be registered for 2022 in PlayFootball. Teams can enter hybrid teams. For example, if a club has two U15 Boys teams, they can enter one team in the CCS, consisting of players from both teams. However, if a club enters two teams in the same division, there is no movement of players between teams. Mixed (female and male) teams are allowed. There’s a maximum of sixteen teams (or four pools) in each division, and entry will be granted to the sixteen teams that register first.

NCF and FMNC may invite teams from Football Far North Coast and Northern Inland Football to participate in the tournament if there’s an uneven number of teams in a division or there’s interest in staging a pool.

Cities, dates and divisions (sample)

The dates and locations may change depending on entries. The following is provided for illustrative purposes only.

The 27/3 matches in Coffs will be held on 2/4 on the synthetics and other suburban grounds.

Grand finals

In early July, the grand finals are on in Coffs Harbour. All-weather synthetic pitches have been booked to ensure the event proceeds. The winner will receive a trophy to keep. Both the grand final winners and runners-up will receive medallions.

Saturday, 9 July 2022 Sunday, 10 July 2022
  • 9 am, 14 Boys, 15 Boys
  • 11 am, 16 Girls, Youth Male
  • 1 pm, Senior Women
  • 3 pm, Senior Men
  • 9 am, 12 Boys, 13 Boys
  • 11 am 12 Girls, 14 Girls


 Next steps

Clubs can now apply to join the Coastal Cloud Shield via this online form. Nominations close on Sunday, 27 February 2022. The nomination form is here: Link.

ENDS, 7 February 2022, V1.1