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All hail Clancy of the OverGo

May 27th, 2021

Fiona Clancy is a doer. Yet the Madam President of Boambee Football Club doesn’t like to be in the limelight, so she’s in the wrong job.
But it’s more than deserved that the person at the helm of one of the big clubs in North Coast Football has won the Newcastle Permanent Volunteer of the Month for April.
“I don’t like the attention, I like to stay under the radar,” Fiona said.
Not much chance of that when you’re something of an anywhere-it’s-needed kind of leader.
In her third year at the helm of Boambee – and before that a decade serving as treasurer – Fiona walks the walk.
“I’m at the fields all day, I’m also the registrar, pretty much the senior coordinator, and look after things like sponsorships and uniforms,” Fiona said.
“And there’s the admin side of it which is just so big now.”
The task is even greater, she said, for the NCF clubs which field teams in the Coastal Premier League.
“It’s massive the amount of extra work that goes into that,” Fiona said.
If the aforementioned wasn’t daunting enough, Fiona also sits on the management committee for Ayrshire Park – and that gives rise to her next pressing ambition.
“Facility upgrades is the major goal. Clubrooms, toilets, carpark upgrades and field lighting – the lighting would be the biggest thing,” she said.

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Around The Clubs

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