2021 Women’s Survey

Survey of senior women’s footballers for season 2021

North Coast Football (NCF) is exploring options for potentially better competitions for senior women in the area.

In 2020, NCF planned to offer a first and second division senior women’s competition in both the Coffs and Clarence. When the competitions were recast mid-year due to the impact of the pandemic, the number of teams was smaller than what nominated at the start of the year and fewer than what played in 2019. With this season nearly over, we’re now looking at what is and isn’t possible for 2021.

This year saw the first season of the Coastal Premier League for men and the feedback, despite the stop-start nature of the year, has been good. Players have enjoyed the higher standard of competition, and the travel has been manageable. With this success, NCF and Football Mid-North Coast (FMNC) management have been talking about the potential for an inter-zone competition for women, most likely a first division. Some clubs have expressed support for this concept as well. It is now time to ask you, the players.

An inter-zone first division could involve teams from Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Coffs, the Clarence and places in between or surrounding. For players, such a competition could mean more matches, greater variety, bigger competitions and, hopefully, better quality football. It would also mean some travel several times a year.

Both NCF and FMNC are surveying current and past players in their respective zones on the potential for such a competition. It would be much appreciated if you could fill in this survey by close-of-business next Tuesday, 13 October 2020, to assist with our decision making during the off-season.

The survey is here: www.ncf.link/2021ncfwomensfootballsurvey

Thank you for your support of football.


General Manager


6 October 2020